Strangeloop, 2016-2018

Collaborative project between Strangeloop (Eva Maria Lourdes) & Marina Cavadini

Statement for unrealized iteration in 2018

Fluctuating with-in and with-out our material and multi-dimensional barriers, we explore, we experiment, we dance, we make love. We create an assemblage of virtual, sculptural, and living elements. Transforming an arboretum into a multilayered, post-natural scene. We challenge the viewer to an array of sensual seduction. In this environment, to focus on any one thing is trivial but to focus on everything is impossible. We mimic. We emote. We listen. We repeat. In doing so, we integrate our consciousness with our environment. The images and sounds we create are not a mechanical record. They are lacking. They are flat. They are a record of how X has perceived Y.

We curiously touch, carefully caress, feel to understand—to connect—to make new alliances with the Other. Gloves protect us and enable us. Fabrics we use mimic flowers and leaves in an attempt to merge with and penetrate living organisms.

We blur boundaries between synthetic and organic matter to question the outdated idea of the natural as pure, untouched, green. This isn’t Nature, it’s an image of nature. Just as the pipe isn’t a pipe. Without a certain kind of space, a certain kind of image is impossible. These images have consequences as they open up the social landscape and make potential action and behavior possible. Within the realms of possibility, we are many permutations of our unconscious. How can we recognize and perform reality when we are each stuck within our corpora?

We replicate images. We embody performers. We amplify sound. We gesticulate gloves. We display movement.

What makes sense? What is natural? We open questions of how we choose to survive together.


Selected Images and Video, 2016


Material labor, Sensorial Seduction, Mimicry, Attraction, Postnatural, Reproduction, Protection